Sunday, March 1, 2020

DASS 69: 69


  1. 69, Dudes!
    I will never see him as Wick. It's Theodore Logan and Neo forever.

  2. I had a similar experience visiting Busch Gardens when I was seven or eight. During the same trip we went to all that historical Williamsburg stuff for a couple of days. Unfortunately the order of the trip was Williamsburg first, so I was vomiting in potted plants in Busch Gardens. The culprit? A god damn Shoney's restaurant foodbar is the most likely suspect. Who knows how long they kept that stuff out. I've passed these setups in restaurants these days and saw things that have turned grey because they have been cooked and cooled many times. As a kid, maybe I wasn't so discerning, especially when I was piling on the chocolate pudding. Have another? Maybe freaking not, Shoney's! That isn't to say I don't remember some of the flash and fun of that theme park. I just remember scents in the air that should have been appetizing turned cloying and turning my stomach contents into potted plants.

    It was a little bit of Googling to figure out what those unnamed Disney retro game pins were, but I found them. Those Kingdom Console pins are pretty cool. I like the Little Mermaid and Darkwing Duck one. I saw maybe 15 from a glance by image searching, but I bet there are more. They even have Tiger Handheld versions with different screenshots of imaginary games. I'm not sure how many there are, but they look really easy to swap a few things around and create another variant. I didn't see the Street Figher-esque one you mentioned.

    It's kind of wild. Googling those pins sent me down a rabbit hole (holy shit, Roger Rabbit merchandise?!). People sell the Kingdom Console pins on ebay. In fact, people sell a lot more Disney park merchandise. It makes me wonder if they do it as a job. The park entry is expensive, the merchandise is expensive, but the markup on ebay is incredible--and people are buying this stuff from the completed listings results. I couldn't do this. Well, I could, but I imagine that would take away the amazement and joy you must get from entering the park and exploring. It becomes a rote experience. Maybe these people do it seasonally. Experience the park every few months and buy tons of merchandise for resale on the way out.

    I used to be a pin collector too, but now I'm not into it. If I get a hold of my pin hat, maybe I'll do a stupid video showing off the collection. That is one collection I do not want to see grow.

  3. Could you run the Hogan shirt on delicate cycle? Is dry cleaning less stressful? Were you planning on wearing the shirt? Isn't a kid size? Are you thinking of mounting the shirt in framed glass?

  4. What's my favorite Stan Lee cameo? Maybe it's when he is talking with The Watcher about all of his cameos (I think that was in Guardians of the Galaxy 2). Maybe it was when Michael Pena did a voice over for him when he was telling one of those stories in the first Ant Man. Or maybe it was in Spider-verse when he was the costume salesman--"No returns" ha ha hhaah

  5. I wasn't recommending Dr Sleep. I was just curious if you watched and maybe we could relate experiences. Here's a movie I saw recently: Color Out of Space. It makes me think of one of those random tapes you'd pick up in a rental store that would have the strangest screencaps, like, 'How does it get there?.' No explanation necessary. Go into it blind. Worth it or not--you figure it out.

  6. BTW, I just checked my email and I think the blogger subscription thing is working again.

  7. Heads up! I started uploading regularly again:

  8. The comments below regarding Jumanji 3 and Star Wars 9 are a followup to my comment for DASS67.

  9. The fault of Jumanji 3 and 2 is that they feel like kids' movies. The original never felt like a kids' movie. The new Jumanji is too shiny, happy, cartoony, and Disney-ridish at all times. No one is truly scared or in danger. Robin Williams made the jungle in Jumanji seem like a terribly scary place.

    I do like the humor, but it's not Jumanji.

  10. My initial impressions of Star Wars 9 are the opposite of yours. I think they did something amazing. I liked that they took out Snoke in the last one. It surprised me. What could be in store for the final chapter in this sub-trilogy? The choice to go back to Palpatine being cobbled together on a respirator, pulling string the whole time was an interesting way to get all Star Wars fans (new gen and old) on the same track. The relationship between Snoke and Palpatine is glanced over so it may be true that killing Snoke was not where JJ thought the series was going. Apparently Snoke must have been a bigger deal in his mind.

    The movie did not seem short to me. It seemed long. It went places and at times, I had to remind myself, 'Oh, yeah, they're still tracking down that locator device.' I enjoyed adding more flavor to the Star Wars-verse with trips to multiple planets. It all seemed to fit in. Also, exploring massive starship wrecks from the old wars is awesome. I like seeing the scale of these ships on the surface of planets. In these movies, so quickly do these ships explode and ships fly over space battlefield that scale is lost. Walking through these wrecks at a human level with the walls opened so you can see out to the planet's surface and through thousands of rooms and floors below makes gives these ships scale.

  11. Further, I also appreciated the attention to Leia and her use of the force. We get a flashback scene of her training to be a Jedi with young Luke. Now that scene where she floats through the vacuum of space kind of makes sense. It was because she learned how to control force magic a long time ago.

    The one thing I was confused about was the relationship between Rey and little Vader. I think I need the dyad force explained again. Was that why they could exchange physical objects between space? Was that why they could clearly see and talk to each other between space? I did not see there being a courtship between the two at all. Maybe JJ's version of episode 8 would have hinted at that more. Yeah, that kiss was bittersweet. It really made me want to see the Goku super baby too.

    Rey's strength also made me not understand why she couldn't own the name Palpatine. I understand how she might want to distance herself from that past, but it seems like she's hiding from her past rather than owning it. I get it. Calling herself a Skywalker is like she is the adopted daughter of Leia or Luke.

    Another thing that confused me was the Solo scene. Is he talking to himself? He does say it's a memory. Why is Solo all grey then? Also force ghosts now interact with the physical world. Huh?

  12. I think it Star Wars 9 is great. I haven't seen either Last Jedi or Force Awakens again, but maybe since this is fresh, I enjoyed it more than those. It didn't feel like a re-tread. It was something new that harkened back to the old. It gave both the new and old gen fans common ground--something they both understood - Palpatine. It also expanded Star Wars fiction by adding new force powers, worlds, and characters. Also, none of the scenes with living things seemed super-CG, unlike Last Jedi with that part where they ride those things out of the casino. It also leaves questions unanswered for fans to discuss and possibly future filmmakers who take up the reins to work back into the filmverse (is Fasma truly gone, what about Benicio's weapons trader character and that fact that both sides purchase weapons from the same manufacturer like how Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft all have secret chips made by the same company). Yeah, I like it.

    Bonus: we get a scene for C-3PO and two emotional scenes for the Wookie.


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