Thursday, March 19, 2020

DASS 70: Angel Soft


  1. DA, you didn't discuss why William Dafoe is part of the thumbnail. Also, I implore you, build a better diet. I need you to keep up the yuck yucks with the XBox yuppies.

  2. Ballz, in response to some of your Qs, listen to DASS66: 2 Mondo Cool Dudes, 1 Cup--all of it :)

    Secondly, I second the opinion that the Sonic movie wasn't a train wreck. It was a by the numbers kids movie. In other words, it was a cartoon made live action. I am talking about both how the humans react to Sonic and how blue Roger looks like a cartoon in a human world. Surprisingly, I was not completely annoyed by Jim Carrey playing the role of DOCTOR ROBOTNIK. Yes, they didn't even hint at any other pseudonym. He was only referred to as DOCTOR ROBOTNIK as he should. ROCKONNAISANCE! HA ha hah You better believe there will be sequels.

  3. This is probably not the best time to think seriously about next gen after a busy day, but what the heck, I'll ramble.

    As a gamer of many gens now, I have seen a lot of shit. I can't imagine next gen really pulling me in--definitely, not off the bat. It might not even be worthwhile if there are only a few games that break the mold.

    I do like the rumors of PS5 being able to play PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS4 games (hopefully physically and not through a paid service). That space-saving technology is worthwhile and might get me to buy some games for the system. That being said, there's still a ton of current and previous gen games I have not played that could keep me entertained even if I NEVER bought a current gen console again.

    Somewhere in the PS3 era, I started jogging along the g-sale, auction, thrift store-only route. I'm not masturbating to the thought of dropping sixty bills on fresh games. Sixty dollars = sixty games at g-sales. Even so, I have bought brand new games from this gen that weren't at gsales and I have spent even more than $60+tax on retro stuff at auction, at a garage sale, and from online sellers. This spending usually involves some capitalism. Buy a bunch of stuff. Keep what I want and sell the rest to be able to keep living without losing money on this habit. I typically don't buy brand new any more unless I think it's something I believe in the future will not be easily attainable in the condition I want it for a price I will pay. Unfortunately, the rise of the retro scene destroyed my urge to open sealed things. It's funny how a thin piece of plastic dramatically changes value.

    I like the concept of streaming games. I don't like paying for services. I don't believe I could ever afford such a service in addition to the bump in tier from my service provider. Unless we get service providers like those in Europe which charge under $20 a month for FAST FAST FAST internet, I doubt I will join the revolution that will surely be a mainstay once the PS6 and XBOX ONLINE service consoles are released.

  4. I must add that I dislike limited access to games. Games as a service may shutdown, may refuse to honor licenses, or not offer a new license to content in the future such as when a partnership between two companies expires (think Outrun Coast to Coast or the inimitable After Burner Climax). While kiddies today may be intrigued by retro NES games they see a video of on Youtube and download a ROM or heck, buy an original NES and physical cart, kiddies of the future-future looking at videos of older games only streamed on service consoles and never downloaded to the PS6 may never get the chance to play them. I imagine these game servers with files of games may go for big bucks online. Hackers could rip the files and determine a way to emulate the service OS. I wonder if these hypothetical sales will be shutdown by the service console companies similar to how Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft were taking down auctions of dev hardware early on in this gen.

    I wonder what the large EULAs of current gen consoles say what info they can send back to the mothership. If you don't check the box, you can't download updates, log onto the store, or play online games if you subscribe to that multiplayer service. I don't like being forced to participate. You know, as I write this, I realize how online privacy is a big issue. We all expect privacy in our own homes. We expect passerbys won't be able to see our raucous sex dungeon parties. Why shouldn't we expect that our online data sent from our homes not be picked over or weaponized against our habits? Search more in private windows is all that I'm saying.

  5. I thought about the Sonic movie further. I believe Jim Carrey was the perfect casting for Robotnik. Carrey's direction to electrocute the screen like an Ace Venture cousin is spot on. He's just enough human and just enough cartoony to act as an intermediary between the cartoon Sonic and human world around him. Jim Carrey without the mask on is still a cartoon character.

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  7. I thought the MCCU would want in on this: