Thursday, May 7, 2020

DASS 75: The Streets Of Morrowind


  1. I wonder who spoiled the Last of Us game. It probably was a worker bee. Worker bees actually get paid a decent amount compared to other professions, but when so much money is on the table, I understand why they get upset. Think of how many millions are being thrown around on a movie set. The guy hanging lights probably gets paid dirt. I bet the spoiler baby is a fresh face to the industry.

    Unfortunately (fortunately?) my mind is like a steel-trap wrapped inside a Farady cage for spoilers. I use the spoiler protection add-on for Firefox and Chrome to block out last boss, final boss, final stage, walkthrough, etc. because people love spoiling stuff. I love it when I don't expect things and react genuinely the first time through an experience. Later I can go through that experience again and build on my understanding of what the creators are saying and what that material means to me. It's why The Fountain is probably my favorite movie. I used to say Gladiator, but I've seen that fewer times. Yeah, do yourself a favor and get the Spoiler Protection add-on. I think it works on phones, but I rarely use that thing for general browsing. I don't trust the security.

    About the specific spoiler: if there is no build up to being the bad guy, being the bad guy feels wrong. I think that happens in one or two games that I've played and I remember not liking the switch.

    I was scrolling past a ton of new games I don't care about when I saw Streets of Rage 4 released. It has to be nostalgia, right? I'm sure these other games are great ways to invest time and have fun, but I could care less. There's just so much choice. Part of what keeps these franchises alive is the older generation hanging onto them. We don't need a Mario 5,273. However, because we know the past games sold well and people say they enjoy them, a lot of effort goes into developing and promoting Mario 5,274. I'm not saying that formula of Adam, Blaze, and Axel whacking thugs on a backdrop of neon lights and synth music doesn't have something going for it, but could that be restricting creativity?

    And with that note, have you played Contra Roge Corps or Double Dragon Neon?

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  3. I saw the movie Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. I think the movie was made to be edgy. Oooooaaahh Are DC comics like this now? All your favorites are there: Superman, Batman, the Lanterns, Wonderwoman, and a heck of a lot more. They're all getting ripped to shreds. Limbs bitten off; parts pulled out of their sockets; lots of blood; entrails unraveled; characters with deep mental issues; curves of asses falling out of short shorts. I don't know if I wanted this stuff when I was younger. Sure, I thought things are always written in Batman's favor. He can roll out of the way from a shooter who entered the scene without being noticed. All the superhero shows, comics, etc. do this. But not here--nope, heroes are getting shot square between their eyes. They're dead dead.

    Now I'm not the guy who wants things censored. F that. he heh heh But, it's confusing since you see these villains and heroes portrayed elsewhere without sinew ripping, bone breaking, and blood spurting everywhere when they are having a rough time. These two representations are at odds since the squeaky clean version (with a little blood every now and then) has been around for so long.

    Per usual, there's a good Justice League story in there. I think you have to watch Justice League Dark before this one to get some context at least, but there are a bunch more DC animated movies that would give more context if you watched those as well. There's a wiki here:

  4. Have you paid attention to Pop at all? It's out of control. There are too many of them. I'm not even a fan, but I feel so bothered that they have taken over the world while I wasn't looking. I recently gave CF advise about paying no attention to things that "don't bother him," yet here I am doing in a comment left days after my last. I guess it's a hard pill to swallow, given the right subject matter.

  5. I stand corrected. Chilly Willy with pancakes Pop is adorable.