Friday, May 15, 2020

DASS 76: XBOX Overload


  1. People have opinions. Everything that IGN reviewer stated is objectively true. In other words, Double Dragon Neon does what fans of the genre and Double Dragon like.

    I wonder if the review attempted playing multi-player which always makes those games better. Neon allows you to do different moves, exchange items, or get power-ups. It's a whole different game with a friend. Also, you can string combos on ground and in air.

  2. Do not send me a Pop. I do not want any--maybe Chilly Willy with pancakes cause it looks so him and where are you going to find Chilly Willy merch? That's the thing though. Pop has every license. They also have freedom to make a million variants. I was browsing someone's store and had to wade through 130 pages of Pop to view maybe 15 pages of things I was interested in seeing. Search on Amazon sucks. Also, I probably shouldn't even give the notion of getting the Chilly Willy with pancakes. Looking at toys is like a rabbit hole for me.

    I've picked up a lot of this stuff through the years. It's not a mess, but I'd like better ways to display it, so getting more seems like a waste. G-sales present a problem since many times this stuff is given to me free or cheap. How can I ignore an SD Grimlock with red sword? It's hard.

    I think it's great that companies are getting the message that people want videogame merch. There's still no modern Jumping Flash merch though. Do remember wanting this stuff as a kid? I rarely saw t-shirts or figures. I remember seeing stickers and maybe a PVC figure by Applause every now and then--oh, and those horribad plastic face plushes.

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