Tuesday, July 7, 2020

DASS 79: Shave A Beard


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  2. If you think Florida girls are something to write home about, you need to visit Nashville. I think all the beauties with stars in their eyes go there. They either make it or end of up bagging your groceries at a whole foods. You can see multiple generations who tried. The old gals don't look half-bad.

    56:28 Why load up on guns and ammo? What are you protecting in the middle of nowhere? Your stack of Xboxes? Who's threatening you? Rapists?

    BTW, if you really do have a stack of original XBoxes lying around like Jerry, you and JT should get rid of them now before people catch on to how stupid they are. Original XBoxes are now going for $70. Seriously!

  3. I remember you having a beard, and also not having one. I tried growing one here and there, but in the end I didnt really like it myself. Its cool they added Silent Hill characters to DBD, I still need to play a SH game one of these days. I miss when left wing normies and insanies didn't care for video game enthusiasts, sigh. I do want to get the Halo collection for PC myself, I did play Halo 1 and 2 in college, beaten the single player for both, and played quite a bit of multiplayer. Even tough I don't like playing FPS games on consoles, Halo is one of the few exeptions. I remember when Pat the NES Junk started as a shitty AVGN clone. Never liked him, like him even less now. When him and his friend ranted on the Diablo fans being dissapointed by the shitty Diablo mobile game, I just laughed. Pat is a console faggot, and has no clue about PC gaming. Its like me talking about Xbox gaming, lol. Im also sick of the hyperpolitization of everything, including comedy podcasts, tv shows etc. I listened to some of Bills podcast, its pretty good. Conan has sadly become a coorporate shill, and toes the company line. The whole riots just has shown it even more. I hope we can all get out of our funk, Im going to try to be positive. I do agree with you I am done pretty much with society myself. In the next years Ill be moving back to Hungary in a small village and not give a fuck. That is the reason I have been enjoying older media. Most of todays crap is just shitty propaganda. I understand man, I do miss seeing your stuff on TNR, I wish there was more traffic (Or maybe I dont in todays climate lol) on the site, but Im happy your stuff is still here. Youll always be a TNR member to me man. I enjoyed this episode, good music choices overall. Keep on trucking man!

    1. Crap I just saw I got some new comments, I'll respond to this on DASS 84.