Monday, July 13, 2020

DASS 82: Return To The Fog


  1. The link that I've shared for the past 5 years seems to longer be working, it may remain this way for the remainder of The Death Adder Super Show, I apologize for any inconvenience.



    ***DASS 82: Return To The Fog*** (1:27:09)
    July 2020

    (Unwritten Law- F.I.G.H.T.)

    *(I’m 3 Shades To The Wind Here) The Stars Are Aligning For The Summer Schedule, Boomer Beer, DbD Talk: DbD 4th Anniversary Meh, Gathering Up Old 360 Games, Burnout Revenge, Games With Gold July 2020: WCR 8 FIA World Rally Championship (XB1), Dunk Lords (XB1), Saints Row 2 (360), Juju (360). The Last Of Us Part II LOOKS GREAT!

    *My Dream Dead By Daylight Ultimate Kollector’s Edition - Beefed Up Graphics With All Current Killers/Survivors/Perks/Skins (Sans The Doctor & Freddy) With 2018 GamePlay On A Disc With A Offline Mode Also Available -XBOX Series X/Nintendo Switch/PC Cross-Play @4:20

    (Animal Alpha- Bundy)

    *Archives Dot No More? The Elite Fear The Super Show, So Get Your Fix While You Still Can @33:55

    (CKY- As The Tables Turn)

    *DbD Talk: A Very Old School Dead By Daylight Talk, Just This Time From The Survivor’s Side With A Broken AF Matchmaking System @44:10

    (Finch- Ink)

    *Comments: Growing A ZZ Top Beard Until Swingle Leaves An Audio Comment, The World Is Still Crumbling, Opryland Theme Park Was Dank (That Actually Was In Nashville LoL), The OG XBOX Wasn’t THAT Bad Bruh LoL, Can We Get Some F’s In The Chat For Classic Game Room @1:02:18

    (The Nasty Boys Theme)

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  3. I think it's interesting your turn from killer to survivor since you started DBD. That's probably more of a shock to those who tuned in after a two year hiatus that find you still discussing the game.

    You understood my comment about the original XBox all wrong. I was saying these people are dumb when they spend $60-70 on the XBox. The original XBox is a fine system albeit a behemoth in any entertainment setup. The Atari 5200 still dwarfs it. Where's the mod project to micro-size the Xbox to the size of a Wii? I was checking out the specs of both on this website called techpowerup and they are remarkably similar. Though the Wii uses a faster type of RAM, the XBox specs as reported are better in most categories. The XBox also chugs down power (Watts) whereas the Wii is very efficient.

  4. I never paid attention to the fall of the CGR Empire. It happened while I wasn't looking. I first dipped my toe into the YT gaming scene by queuing up all CGR's vids uploaded over the last week when I got back to my place on a Saturday. After a year or two, I discovered other people and left CGR and AVGN behind. I never saw what he did as boring or repetitive since I stopped watching so soon. I would occasionally stop in for a video of his that I found through search when I was looking for gameplay or a review. It definitely got weird as things progressed--there were lots of references to squids and merchandise flew over my head.

    In a way, that is like Bithead. If you stopped watching Bithead after a year then went back now, you would notice a dramatic change.


    Audio Comment Cliff Notes

    -Congrats on making it to 83 Episodes. Your living up to your name.
    -Shout out to Mecha Menace. Our beef with Sonic Adventure.
    -My new beef with Mecha on the Original Xbox. Deathadder and I being the white knights of the Original Xbox. Has some sweet Sega games attached to it.
    -Thoughts on the PS5/Xbox Series X? 10 million PS5 units are already in production. Xbox is rumored to have acquired Japanese developers.
    -Last of Us 2. Butt raping scene is even stupider in context.
    -Watch that PS5 conference? Goodbye Volcano High? Internet is calling it Life is Yiffing.
    -Ever get into Life is Strange 2, Before the Storm, or Adventures of Captain Awesome?
    -How you holding up with COVID? Miss going to the movies/eating in restaurants?
    -MCC turned 10 years old back on March 25th 2020. Anniversary episode is in the works according to Jerry.
    -Fall of Classic Game Room. Which do you prefer? Classic Game Room (1999-2000) or Classic Game Room HD (2008-2019)? Favorite Episodes?

  6. I was pondering DA's vacation life in the woods when I realized it would be more easy to start this new life as a bum. They live outdoors, looking up at the stars, not a care about snakes, spiders, or rodents nipping at them under veil of darkness, free to roam anywhere with the distinction that most of us civies don't bother interacting with them. They are mostly purposely ignored, like they are invisible. They sleep a lot, mostly in the same spot, and return to the same dumpsters for dining a la cart on fresh, mostly fresh, and sealed goodies thrown out by restaurants, grocers, and other food establishments (look up people dumpster-diving for boxed untouched pizza). It's not a glamorous life. I would think you would have no need for a gun, but hey, maybe the backwoods are rougher than I know. I would think a bum has more important things to mull over than how to rough up the bum of another bum. I returned to leave this comment, then I listened to Ballz' response.

    Ballz, bringing up Sonic Heroes and Shadow is not important to the argument. At least we both agree that the Sonic Adventure games are scientifically bad for your health with 2 being the worse. I think SA1 needs a total remake, not just an upres. There's so much developers and audience have learned about what makes a 3D Sonic game fun since.

    Let's get into the weeds: I didn't play a lot of Sonic Heroes, but I didn't like it. In a way, I can see how it's gameplay style is an in-between of the Sonic Adventure games and Sonic Unleashed which received plenty of appreciation for its Sonic on rails segments, though they still lack the expansive and intertwined tiered level design of Sonic 2, 3, & Knuckles<---Read that sentence correctly, DA. Shadow is a shit character, so I don't care about his game. Unfortunately, this era of Sonic brainwashed cubees, now all-grown-up, into thinking characters like Shadow, Rogue, Silver, and the Wisps need to exist in Sonic. They don't.

    Why do new Mario characters and levels feel like they fit in the Mario-verse? I don't believe we're getting the best people on the Sonic games. My guess is that those people probably don't care enough and request to work on other Sega projects.