Monday, March 15, 2021

DASS 108: My Fabulous Secret Powers


  1. Swingle Comments:

    The Deathadder Super Show, starring Mecha Menace.

    I'm happy that the weebs got their Monopoly money. My basement is nearly cleaned out from all the stuff I've been hoarding. I sold 30 boxes of Dino King cards for $70 a box, a DBZ Trunks card for $730, and 100 (I kid you not) starter decks for the Naruto card game at $40 each. That isn't counting all the vidja games I had in storage. Take it all while I buy a house or something.

    Besides me bragging, I bought a new computer. It's an HP Omen 25L which normally retails at $1300. The seller replaced the RTX 2060 normally in it with a GTX 1650 and sold it to me for $800. The GPU I had at the time was a GTX 1060 and was 10% faster than the 1650 on average. I sold my 1060 for $300. Feels good to have 50 browser tabs open at once, but Windows 10 feels bad.

    This episode is sponsored by Noa from Legend Of Legaia. Hopefully there isn't any Rule 34 material of her because I enjoyed the child-like wonder from a fighter raised by wolves.

    I haven't contributed to the FMK meme because as you can tell, my standards are incredibly low for marriage and I'm not a poon hound, so my F list is almost non-existent. My K list is mostly dudes I can't stand. The closest I could get for a woman is my mother because holy hell is she a raging cunt. Me and her are a lot alike.

  2. Mecha Menace Comments:

    *You had me cringing when you hit play with that Man Man theme. You got the desired effect. Well done.

    *I checked out those wrestler girls. Again, hag face here speaking. Anna Jay looks man-ish in a few pics. Maybe it's like that episode of Seinfeld where the girlfriend looks good sometimes and then horrible other times, and they guess maybe it's a combination of light and angle of view. She looks Australian or maybe German in my eyes. I only like the good angles of Jay. The other angles can stay in the man ward. The other girl, Ms Baker, is totally nope. In my eyes, she has a butterface.

    Those pics of Jay are better than the first two images I saw on Google:
    However, I scroll more and I see stuff like these two below. She's totally different and more attractive in my eyes.
    I don't have the same attraction to Baker. She's a butter face to me.

    *The more I thought about it, the more I hated the robot announcer. It's like when those Godzilla movies got goofy and had the monsters talking to each other; their dead eyes stared ahead while the lever engineered by Japanese hobby makers opened the mouth to squealing nonsense. Eventually the movie would cut to the Japanese people on the ground to explain what was going on.

    Surprisingly, the robot stated a word like consortium correctly which, let's face it, I wouldn't have faith in you pronouncing correctly, given your history. On the other hand, it couldn't pronounce dino, being a shorthand for dinosaur. It got child-diddlin right though. It also had no warmth or immediate reactions while reading. It's difficult to understand sometimes because of the pace at which it reads. I hate it. I imagine you gave the text to some website and it spat out a wav file. Stop being lazy.

    Maybe, I'm enabling you, but I recorded my comments in BALLZ-style vocaroo. You can cut up and drop in the audio comments as you wish and refer to my text comments for reference.

    *Shit, I conflated Civil War and Winter Soldier. I prefer Winter Soldier in that top Marvel list. Winter Solider is the movie where they find the secret base that has a copy of a NAZI scientists' brain written on stacks of old servers. The list was made off the top of my head, so I forgot about Guardians and Dr Strange. I enjoyed Dr Strange and Guardians a lot. I remember both had bad guys that seemed meaningless to me. In my memory, they came out of nowhere or were talked about some but had little motivation other than 'I'm a bad guy that does bad guy stuff.' I prefer the developed Doc Ock or Thanos approach. Thanos took several movies to do this. Doc Ock took one. Best superhero movie of all time?

    *I really enjoyed the cartoon theme songs you played and recognized most. I think the best cartoon intros started in the late 80s with The Real Ghostbusters and and the original TMNT and went through the 90s. The 90s had some fantastically done intros with great music: COPS fighting crime in a future time, X-Men, Spider-Man, Batman Beyond, Batman The Animated Series, Justice League, Superman, Sonic The Animated Series, Captain Planet, Pirates of Darkwater, The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest, freaking Swat Kats had unique intros for both seasons with a unique theme song for each, among other action series. There was Rocko, Aaah Real Monsters, Doug the original series, Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, Pinky & The Brain, Chipmunks, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat, and other comedy series. All those Disney toons are animated well and all have catchy themes. God dangit did we get some awesome toons growing up!! I know I'm leaving out so many.

  3. Have you heard the Disney cartoon 8bit remakes that were released with the Disney Afternoon Collection a few years back?
    Main / Disney Afternoon:

    Darkwing Duck:

    Chip n Dale:



    Ducktales 2:

    Chip n Dale 2:

    My favorite remix of Chip n Dale 1
    which has so much more umph because of how the beats are slowed down. It also reminds me of the remixed Bionic Commando track from Bionic Commando Rearmed released several years back. Maybe the music is done by the same composer.

    If only we had a Gummi Bears video game :'(

    *I'm glad you like Looney Tunes. I made sure to get all of them before they disappeared. Cancelling them now only makes them harder to get. Disney recently put up warnings on Muppet Show and other things they thought people might not understand being of a different era. They also put all these problematic toons on an adults-only section of their streaming service. So while Warner is erasing Elmer Fudd and Pepe le Pew, Disney is making toons where Mickey carried guns to go hunting available, but you can't casually just play a show with cartoon violence. If I had kids, I would not make a kids Disney account for them. The trash they put out these days like Sofia the First and that Rocketeer cartoon are straight Nick Jr. I think I enjoyed even some of those toons then like the one with the duck and Paddington Bear, but these modern Disney toons are so bad. Gummi Bears has swords and violence, so that would be on Disney's hardcore adult side.

    Jeeze freaking Louise! Why is everything going so puritan now, yet at the same time, criticism about sexy people is considered bannable offenses? I don't want to criticize anyone who feels sexy and wants to show it, but how come there's no going too far there? Heck, it was even taboo to say anything ill about that Disney star that got an Only Fans page. I guarantee Disney would not hire that girl again. What is a good example these days?

    Hey, DA, I'm not offended by you not liking the toons I liked. People have their opinions. Let's talk 2000s toons next time. It's all Cartoon Network.

  4. *So you didn't watch Batman the Animated Series, eh? Maybe it's because I grew up with the series, but I bet it would work for all ages even now. The writing doesn't dumb down much. Maybe I misunderstood you, but it sounds like you haven't watched much or any Batman The Animated Series.

    You may not have seen these episodes, but my recommended viewing for Batman the Animated series are:

    "Over the Edge" of Batman the New Adventures:

    Episode 62 of Batman The Animated Series:

    Episode 14 of Batman the Animated Series:

    And the final recommendation has a villain that outsmarts or out plans the Bat. I find him compelling for this reason.

    The whole series is a masterpiece.

    *Speaking of masterpieces, I collected a whole bunch of those series in the 90s. I jumped on board with series III but I do have some series I of Marvel Universe. I always wondered where the heck series II was since I never saw the packs. I got several of the Masterpiece series, Marvel Flair, several Spider-Man series, X-men, Marvel Metal (favorite is card #136), and I had some from that Wolverine series. I was always a single pack collector since the boxes were way expensive though I don't remember what they were charging when they were contemporary. I also grabbed a bunch of Overpower cards though I never played the game. It's probably my biggest regret in crap that I bought as a kid. I wonder if anybody wants those now. Don't worry about not grabbing sealed boxes of Masterpiece. Who could have predicted those sealed boxes going for $500-$600?

    *Nariko from Heavenly Sword or Mary Jane?