Friday, March 5, 2021

DASS 107: Fade To Black


  1. Boy, you jumped on the card game before everyone else did. I came across a random lot of Marvel Series III from 1992 and people were paying good money for it. I was looking at several lots of various card series after that, and it seems like people pay for two types of lots: complete sets or sealed packs / boxes.
    This got me wondering, 'Are all collectibles going up in price because of the angry Panda?' I saw my cheap sweat-shop painted Godzilla I got out of the wire bins at Kiddie City or Toys R Us going for $40-$50. What I have noticed with videogames has been happening all over: comics, card, toys, etc. all have experienced boosts in their economy, no doubt due to free in quotes panda money.

  2. I listened to this making of for the music of Sea of Thieves
    Stuff like this makes me think I'd enjoy the game if it were a single player experience. If games of the future always had dynamic soundtracks like this, there wouldn't be a definitive track list. The gameplay experience creates a truly unique aural experience. It's very fascinating. Did you feel like the world of Sea of Thieves was limited? I wonder if the game could be fleshed out into a robust single-player pirate game.

  3. As the pre-intro song played, I kept thinking the singer would yell, "Terrible Thunder Lizards!" Look up the intro. I guarantee it has the same dirty guitar and gravely singer.

  4. At this 13:37 moment, you gripe about how much you can't rage about hentai because someone pulled up next to you. This is, in fact, despite what the media likes to say these days, your 1st amendment right; however, hosting the raging segment on a network like YT could get your rectum scrummed of every little tiny piece of shit before you are deemed unemployable and nobody wants to buy your shit if you sell shit.

    So driving your lightly used new car, eh? Do you have any concern about the hop-n-slide Wario death turn? Was it Trash Cat who snuck onboard your previous car? Is Trash Cat the same as Parking Lot Cat?

    Now that you finished Sopranos, are you going to start Boardwalk Empire? Though I've never seen Sopranos, I feel like Boardwalk Empire (which I have seen) is basically Sopranos in the roaring 20s. World War 1 had just ended, prohibition was in full swing, and everyone thought Felix the Cat was just the cat's pajamas (you'd love em, kid). One of my favorite actors came out of that series, and now I'm fascinated by everything he does. I'd say give it a whirl--at least, the first season. You have HBOMAX. It shouldn't be a sweat to dial that one up on the big screen.

    It's funny that you visit IMDB and watch videos about a production after watching a TV show. Since I don't watch trailers, or I watch a bit of a trailer then turn if off and mark it down once I'm interested, and I avoid all promo and talk about movies, I go back and watch trailers after watching the movie and see how pumped they would get me to see it. I can say straight-faced, that the problems in Wonder Woman 84 were there. One of my favorite "recent" trailers is the Thor: Ragnarok official trailer released July 22, 2017. The mood change of the third Thor movie is instantly recognizable and so energetic. It gets me so pumped. I love it. I think that it has to be in my top 5 Marvel movies since Iron Man 2008.

    Off the top of my head, and not in order: Iron Man 2008, Civil War, Thor Ragnarok, and maybe the two Spider-Mans. It's hard to leave them out. I really like the effects in the one with Mysterio, but I also liked the play between Keaton and squeaky in the car. I'd have to watch some of the others again to really know if I want those Spider-Mans in the top 5.

  5. I saw the Waterboy once so I didn't recall the quote about Colonel Sanders. There was a period in my early non-adult years where I where I watched once zeitgeist movies like Pulp Fiction and those Adam Sandler movies. I don't remember much. I don't hate Sandler movies either. I think I've enjoyed every movie in which the guy acted--those which I've seen. I think people give him hate because his face was everywhere for a while and people were getting exhausted. I recommend the movie Click. It's not frat humor. It's a family film, but not a cartoon.

    Movie quotes normally don't stick with me, though there are some like: "He chose poorly; That's his name. Henry Jones...Junior; Indiana, let it go;" and the sound Sean Connery makes when he flips off all the birds on the beach to take down the pilot. Gah! What a movie! Also, for some reason the moment, in Spider-Man 2 (2004) where MJ is confused by Peter saying he doesn't love her (BTW: maybe top super-hero movie of all time).

    Sounds from movies stick with me. I've thought about making a video of my favorite movie sounds and accompanying clips, but that's instant ban material which, if it doesn't get me thrown off YT, will get the video muted which then makes me hate the hypothetical time I wasted making this hypothetical video. You could argue no vid clips, but one of the sound needs video accompaniment. I love the sound grenade in Star Wars Episode II (the movie where Yoda flips the fuck out).

  6. You say, and I quote (47:31), "Anything before He-Man, I don't really like." Really? You're going to use a superhero with so lame name of He Man as the paradigm for interesting cartoons? Muscle Man would have been a less lame name. Anyways, both Flintstones and Jetsons had brand new cartoon seasons made two years after He-Man. Both were popular enough to spawn spin-offs, new toys videogames, a theatrically released Jetsons movie, and even a cross-over movie. Feed me Flintstones, Jetsons, and Scooby Doo meeting Batman and Robin any day over Man Man.

  7. Regarding FMK: Thank you for clarifying some of your choices though I get you were trying to hide your reasons for putting some of the broads you chose into the mix. Whenever I started the last series of FMK (2 years ago?), I purposely inserted ladies which I found unattractive to get your reaction. My memory is that you had the exact reaction I did with these wrestling chicks, 'Does DA think these chicks are attractive?'

    I get the your choices for Gina, Linda with a y, and Gal. After viewing more of the Mandalorian and some of the ongoing discussion online regarding her social media posts, I really want to love this woman. She's becoming the figurehead for the anti-discussion into which our society is quickly devolving. There are people lancing nutsacks from high horses and stringing up what remains by their bloody vas deferens. They're playing a dangerous game trying to play the herd. Maybe she knew of the quote; I don't know, but I believe there's a plaque in some square in Berlin quoting somebody living at the time of WW2 about how the Nazis came for socialists, and I did not speak because I wasn't a socialist, then the Nazis came for some other group, and I did not speak, then they came for Jews, and I did not speak because I am not a Jew, and then they came for me but nobody was left to speak for me. I feel like we're living in those times yet exchange armies that will kill you dead with armies that will kill your career and livelihood. There's a weird consortium of moral standards people are being held to without notice and without understanding. The longer it goes on, the worse future generations are going to be. There's no waiting for intellectual breakdowns, discussions, forgiveness, and redemption. Everyone is being shit on, and I think lashing out from a moral high horse is their way of venting even though it can destroy someone's livelihood. Fuck if I'm not attracted to Gina sexually, but at least I know she has her head straight. I don't know where Linda with a y stands (even if it is Linda with a y from 1978). So, I'll change my answer: M Gina, F Gal, K Linda with a y.

    So Bryce being large isn't a recent change? Did she have a baby in-between making those dino movies and forget what her body looks like? 'Look, honey, you got to get on that treadmill or better yet, do squats till your legs melt.' What is going on at the Howard house? Do they lube up with gravy? Try the sauce on side, or better yet, lay off the sauce entirely. You'll thank me later when you can jump hurdles without blowing your rear out. Maybe she has trouble keeping it together. Hmmm. I see her name attached to projects so I feel like she gets stuff done. Maybe she's capable of slimming down with the right motivation. She's still an M but seeing her from those unflattering disco sausage angles the photographers took at the 2021 Golden Globes is rough. It blows my mind that this wonder woman was outrunning CG dinos a few years ago.

  8. Yes, I have to be down on myself when discussing FMK so bluntly. It's not only that the side of society on their high horse might lance your nuts off if you don't preface by saying it's guy talk, for fun, and that we respect woman, but also because it's the truth. I used to try, but after enough denials, I realized that I'm truly Freddie's cousin (without the child-diddlin). I stopped trying then I stopped caring. I don't even know where to start. Girls don't understand a guy like me. They wouldn't. They couldn't. They shouldn't. I'm a loner, DA--a rebel.

    I have the opposite opinion of how easy it is for guys vs gals. I think I'm in the minority saying this. Even with these looks and the rest of what makes me an unattractive choice, if a half brain-dead, toothless sloth of a woman, with opioid needles sticking out of her arms offered me free sex any time, I would feel pity, but I would say no, bad choice. I get the feeling there are a lot of guys who will fuk anything. Not only that, but guys would ridicule me for throwing down quote free pussy. We're stereotyping here so let's continue. I get the feeling that women with less testosterone care more about their appearance than guys; however, even if they didn't care, there would always be a guy who wants to inject miniature squid inside her. I don't think that the case with guys. I think most woman would reject a guy.

  9. Emma Stone or Lindsay Lohan (during the time of Mean Girls)