Tuesday, February 16, 2021

DASS 106: Content Extender


  1. *Pro Wrestling Babes

    -Alexa Bliss https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexa_Bliss

    -Liv Morgan https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liv_Morgan

    -Mandy Rose https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandy_Rose

    *Wonder Women (All Age 25 And In A Wonder Woman Costume)

    -Gal Gadot https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gal_Gadot

    -Lynda Carter https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lynda_Carter

    -Gina Carano https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gina_Carano

    *Red Hot Women

    -Bryce Dallas Howard https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bryce_Dallas_Howard

    -Emma Stone https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emma_Stone

    -Jessica Chastain https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jessica_Chastain

    *Marvelous Women (Will Arrive In Full MCU Costume)

    -Scarlett Johansson https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scarlett_Johansson

    -Evangeline Lilly https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evangeline_Lilly

    -Elizabeth Olsen https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elizabeth_Olsen

    *90’s Babes (Let’s Say All Age 18)

    -Tiffani Amber Thiessen https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiffani_Thiessen

    -Christina Applegate https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christina_Applegate

    -Danielle Fishel https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danielle_Fishel

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pHdewAFSnw

  3. My favorite clip in your intro is, "No, Colonel Sandy, you're wrong," and the following groan of the studio audience. It's so much apart of that TV sitcom era from the 80s and 90s. My second is John C Reily saying something about a hot brown ring causing a "slop in your belly."

    That intro song kept throwing me off. The drummer's tempo was all over the place and would switch on a beat. I wonder if that was purposely done. It was very distracting.

  4. All this talk of Sopranos reminded me of this Flintstones X Sopranos intro made way back:
    Again, I never saw the Sopranos but knew the vibe well enough to see the cleverness of this mashup. I always preferred Flintstones vs The Jetstons. I thought the stories were much better.

  5. Have you ever fooled around with any of the NES emulators for the N64, using your everdrive? It's a way of expanding your game library all on one console (I wonder if the four score would be buil-in).

    You would probably benefit from a controller with a better d-pad and grip like that dual analog N64 controller of which I made a video (and upon which you left a comment). That d-pad was floaty, yet precise. I haven't used it extensively on 2D games because it's the N64, but maybe it would fare well with platformers. The true test would be an NES Mega Man.

    I'm putting this here since I didn't want you to see my reaction to the youtube video I linked in my first comment. It was driving me nuts that I couldn't tell what that guy was using to film. He didn't stop at mirrors nor I couldn't catch it in reflections from things like sunglasses since the video was so pixellated. Was he walking around with those beefy news cameras that took full VHS tapes? If it were not for one moment near the end of the video where the strap falls down and I see Sony Handycam, I probably would still wonder about it. This is similar to or maybe exactly what he was carrying around: http://www.iretron.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Sony-Handycam-Model-Video-Hi8-with-10x-Optical-Zoom.jpg
    All Walmarts look alike. My NJ Walmart where I purchased my second GameCube after buying the first moments earlier at a Kmart across the street looked exactly like this in 1995. It's a shame they didn't admire the toys section more or videogames at all.

  6. Cue game show music. That's right, DA, we're playing F...Marry...Ki-ulllll!

    These were all answered before hearing your answers so you have no influence on my decisions. I paused the cast and came back later. I also answered these in reverse order, but I will list them in the order you presented.

    Wrestling? Ok, do we need to have wrestling as a category? Wrestling nerds are the losers of loserville, am I right? But DA persists, so shall we. Didn't DA himself jest about WWF girls looking like a man, baby recently on another podcast. I'm a nerd who is totally unfamiliar with these girls other than appearance. Maybe this will be quick. Anyways, here we go:

    Alexa Bliss: I've never been much for this look. The dyed pink pigtails and black lipstick image of her on Google images make her a good visual match for a live-action Harley Quinn. Thankfully we got Margot Robbie instead. We'll get to the K, but we have to put her as an M for no other reason than the next choice.

    Liv Morgan: Again, this look. Is it possible to have two Ks? Fuck!

    Mandy Rose: God dangit, DA. All these wrestler chicks have the same look. At least, this lady's obviously plumped face and chest mounds make me discount her as a discount Pamela Andersen. She is the true K.

    Gal Gadot: We'll discuss how wonderful this Wonderwoman is later. I feel like she has the fortitude and beauty to make it in Hollyweird, but I also fear this woman. Maybe she's old school because she's from the old world, but I think this woman may be too much for me to handle. She's a definite F, but is she an M? I don't think so, unless she's one of those fun foreign girls who doesn't lose her spring. So F.

    Linda Carter (with a y): She would have to hold it together with some exercise. The 1978 pics of her lead me to believe her demure figure was being held together by diet only. I need a tight, tender Linda with a y to M me. She seems like she would be of that generation that wouldn't be annoyingly empowered in the wrong way to cut off all men's dicks even if you admired someone else's beauty.

    Gina Carano: How long have you been following Gina's career, DA? The only official reference to her and Wonder Woman I can find is a Vulture article from 2012 where an interviewer asks her about being a fan favorite for the upcoming movie...that would release five years later. I can't imagine her trying to F without first warming up by crushing beer cans between her vices. While the athleticism boggles the mind about the possibilities, I have to give this woman the K of death.

    BDH: M. Straight up this woman seems like she's figured life out. You could probably always let her figure out the hard stuff of life (doctor's appointement, dentist, is that spot cancer, how do I wash the blinds) while you just bring home some money, support her and the kids, and be the exciting dummy guy she likes to use to clean out all her nooks and crannies every now and then (you know what I mean--wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more).
    Emma Stone: Ms. Stone is still in prime F category. I imagine her being a good companion too, but not as tightly wound as the turbo-charged Ferrari BDH is, meaning the F might be good, but maybe she's not willing to spelunk into new territories are discharge her atomic batteries as much.
    Jessica Chastain: Much as I'd like to think Chastain is an M or F, that was twenty years ago on Firefly. Have you seen pictures of her lately. Maybe it's the booze and late night super celeb parties but this woman is shot in the face with Homer's makeup gun when she goes out. She's a definite K-K--K-KO O o o !


  7. :::
    Timely Comics
    Is this the most difficult category to judge or what? I'm a little confused. Are we supposed to judge these women having their marvelous super powers or a stock super celebrities? My guess is the latter.

    Scarlet Johansson: Any time I look into this woman's age, I'm always impressed. The wiki has her pegged at 36, but I have seen it quoted younger. I think it's the swirl of disinformation Hollywood believes is kosher for protecting women's careers. *sigh*
    Scarlet is the living embodiment of Jessica Rabbit, or maybe she's just a younger Charlize Theron. I wish I could M her, but I would be afraid she was too much woman for me to handle. Scarlet is an F.

    Evangeline Lilly: What is it with you an picking girls next door? I'd like to say she could be an M for that reason since it makes the most sense. Sorry Kate, I'm dropping the K-bosh on you.

    Elizabeth Olsen: In my eyes, Elizabeth is a relatively new darling on the scene. First strut into the stratosphere of Mecha's verse, I recognized for the girl the guy wanted in the not-breaking bad sequel of Godzila (2014). But don't shut the doors on this beauty as she as a right mix of charm and gumption to be your pal for life and thus an M.

    Gotta go back in time....to the 90s! Would you rather get all the plastic square for dirt cheap at a garage sale, heck, stock up on the sealed NES gems being clearanced for under $10? I still remember seeing a bin full of Kirby's Adventure sealed for $19.99 in front of Kay B Toys and being upset I couldn't play it. Wanh! Btw, this wasn't locked up in a glass case. I wonder how many of those walked away on their own. Let's give it to the five finger discount folks out there in the audience.

    So we're in the 90s and our horniness has progressed into the early 2000s. I can't say that I wasn't attracted to girls, but I really didn't understand the full extent of my satyrism in those still early years. Was BALLZ even around back then or was he stuck in someone's ball sack?
    Let's get to the women:

    Tiffany Amber Thieson woah, three names, who thought this one would be trouble later on. Could you imagine her storming the front lawn of the white house and resulting Animaniacs meme that would follow: https://twitter.com/robinskyleigh/status/1347283743417880576
    TAT is an F. I mean with those initials, right?

    Christina Applegate: I didn't watch much M with C, but I would M this C. While a bratty outward impression is what I got from her character on the series, if she is anything like this IRL, I think she would be a girl "you could have a beer with" as DA would say, though I wouldn't. I don't drink, but I think she would enjoy the bread equivalent - a bagel. I'm all for that down to earth charm. Plus, she has a much prettier face than our next contestant.

    Danielle Fishel: Pee-yoo. This fish is rotten. Occasional viewings of Boy Meets World did not enamor me to the charm people saw. I get it. She's the Winnie of the 90s--the girl next door, but that's where she stays. As Bowie said, "down in the Underground;" Fischel is K.

    As we all know, these opinions are uttered by a horrible hag-face of a man so your lame attempts to discourage judging someone's appearance outwardly about to whom we are attracted do not take in context the fun we get out of this train wreck. Come on, we all know you make subconscious decisions / heck, conscious decisions. Discussing this out loud in a public forum is discouraged, kind of like how discussing your bowel movements are discouraged.

  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnZqB5Z75zI

  9. BTW, you mentioned Gina being older than you. Did you know that Gal Gadot is a couple years younger than you even though she looks older than you? I think it's in the eyes. You really can't ruin Gal Gadot's appearance, but she has wrinkles under her eyes. I wonder how people get rid of those. Mascara? Is that the makeup women use. I don't know these things.

    I agree with your BDH and Chastain assessment. I also looked up pictures of Chastain, and it looks like she's falling apart faster. Again, look at the eyes.

    Maybe you had the thought scratching at the back of your mind for a while and were looking for an excuse to start another series of F M K. Hey, man, it was always rolling around in mine. I'm a bachelor with little prospects, so what's a guy to do. You ruined my idea a little by starting the F M K, but I wanted to do something a little different. I started an official DeathAdder bracket.

    Jessica Rabbit or Gen13?

  10. After listening to your choices, that line about having to hang out with her scarecrow sisters almost made me regret selecting Lizzie as an M, but I think I made the best choice for me. What? How often would we see them anyways? Holidays?

  11. I was looking up BDH and I found some photos of her at the 2021 Golden Globes:


    Copy and paste this one. You will see a photo, despite not ending in .jpg or similar.

    I thought this has to be edited. You can't be sure in the days of deep fakes, but no, the real BDH stands up. Blow me down! She's blown up like a whale! Forget the beach, she's beachfront property. I couldn't find anyone using the words weight or fat when talking about her. Maybe people are afraid of being censored, cancelled, or white knight crapped on. Maybe it's not something that happened recently, so nobody is surprised. In one article, there was a mention of someone describing her in her gown as disco sausage.

    Maybe it's the stress from the panda rampaging around the world. I'd still be with BDH in her struggle. I could relieve her stress, be her partner, take her down to the gym-nasty everyday, and make her forget about who makes the donuts.

    1. I already recorded the comment section, I try to do them all in one sitting to keep the show somewhat structured. But yeah Bigger Dallas is one of her many forms, I usually prefer them STICC to THICC, but I'm surprisingly okay with Bigger Dallas.

      I was kind of bummed not to get any Balzak or Swingle comments on this episode, I think for any future FMK segments, it will be be 1 trio and I'll randomly throw it in a episode, instead of making a entire episode out around it.

    2. I wasn't aware of the Tale of Two Brycies. I discuss some of this in response to DASS107 so I will leave my comment there. I'll note that I sometimes check the most recent DASS for written responses. I checked DASS106 after listening to DASS107, but it's not something I do regularly, so your replies might become lost. I get no notification via email. It's all OCD. Do you get notices of my comments or do you have to manually check?

    3. I do get an e-mail when you leave comments, but the e-mail I use for this I only check about once every 3 months. I just check the DASS website once a day while I'm scrolling through my daily websites.