Wednesday, February 3, 2021

DASS 104: Gabagool


  1. I never saw Sopranos but I found this MadTV sketch about Sopranos being edited for PAX TV funny:

    1. LOL that is pretty funny and very accurate, I was always a big Will Sasso fan. You might like The Sopranos, it's all set in your OG neck of the woods.

    2. I never noticed things about NJ that is depicted in popular media of NJ. A much closer depiction of how I saw things as a kid is Pete & Pete (actually filmed in NJ, but a location is never stated in the show) and Kevin Smith movies. I do notice some more rough crowd at flea markets, though mostly it's rednecks.

    3. Watching this and realizing it was filmed the same tame as The Sopranos is like something out of the Twilight Zone

    4. I'm not sure if you'll ever see this comment Balzak, but I just watched that clip and LOLOLOLOLO that is something else. Just hearing James without his fake Jersey accent is jarring enough, let alone talking to muppets.

  2. I don't have any attachment to any of the writers or directors of WW84. I'm disappointed in the repeated failures of DC. Past the Nolan-verse, I've had issues with every single release.

    To clear up ambiguity, Wonder Woman 1 is the only winner in my eyes though I thought the ending was rushed. We have a secret villain. I guess it works if you don't have a problem with that plot device, but it just sucks in my opinion since the villain has to spell out his plans at the end confrontation because we didn't see him plotting all along.

    It's odd that DC failing hard upsets me since I grew up a Marvel fan. Over the years, I slowly became invested in the DC verse by exposure to Batman via the animated show as well as Superman and the Justice League similarly, though reading their comics was never my thing.

    Now that DC is actually trying to create a continuum of DC characters, I'm all for it. I always thought these characters existed together. Why would a character ignore a large catastrophe that occurs in one movie?

    So, yes, I don't like seeing these attempts fail because it makes future discussions about movies less profitable in the eyes of people who are handing out the money which means there's less chance of seeing a movie happen.

    I don't care about any man or woman involved in development. I care about the success of the medium.

    Shazam was an entertaining one-off if only because of that kid with a mouth. I'd rather see more of that kid than Shazam.

  3. I saw this and thought you would find it amusing: