Friday, January 29, 2021

DASS 103: One & Done


  1. YouTube ate my comment for homosexual reasons, so here it is:

    @The Last Time You Talked To Kaiser: Yeah, I remember that night fondly. It was me, you, Shawn, and Kaisey, all shirtless and drunk. We chatted for about 90 minutes on Skype. It was surprisingly non-homo considering how homo the scene was. least that is what I tell myself.

    By the way, who knew you were part gorilla? Damn, that be a lot chest hair. My arm pits get uncomfortable when they get as thick as your chest. How gay can this comment get?

    This episode was sponsored by Roll from Mega Man. It ain't child diddlin' if it's a robot!!! -Every Weirdo Who Jacks To Kids/Not Kids

  2. The level on your mic is too low. The song you came out of was high volume juxtaposed next to your low volume voice. If you're using Windows 10, with the microphone plugged into the USB, right-click the speaker in the lower-right corner next to your system clock, and click open sound settings. From there, you can raise the mic level.

    I never noticed the lip smacking except after you read Kaiser's comment, specifically @ 8:27. I didn't pay attention that closely to notice any other moment. I imagine your lip-smacking would be something that could set a person off if it was blasted at full volume in an airstream echo chamber.

  3. I think the value of Xbox's game service is insane. How are they not losing money. Does it really seem like a bad proposition that the service is the price of two brand new games per year if you don't buy any games and you get access to brand new releases for as long as you like plus other games they add? Amazon didn't cower away from doubling their Amazon prime service in less than ten years. Wasn't that service $49 a year once? Do games ever leave XBox's service?

  4. I'm not going to fault just the director slash CO-writer of WW84 for that bomb. Sure, she had ideas, but even if she wrote every word, people with money would have signed off on that draft. This is something JT brought up on the Mondo forums.

    One of the things I've seen more in JT in the past several years has been this non-open-mindedness. I wasn't there for all the after hour sessions of MCC, but I didn't see that in him from other thing's he has released. Maybe something is egging on these notions.

    At times, in the very few conversations I've had with him over these past few years, I cautioned him from jumping over the ledge into being exactly like NAZIs. I definitely have my qualms with "cancel culture," but it's more the reactionary and explosive yellow journalism that I fear is corrupting our microwave generation, the toaster gen boomers, and the current we'll buy it at a food truck or press a button on our handheld computer for someone to bring us food generation. They have made it a place where people in a place of power or respect--those people who appear on interviews on TV--have to come up with an answer on the spot that is 100% to their liking. It's become the natural flow of conversation. Hesitate, pause to come up with the exact phrasing you want, ask for more information, and you are drilled into and made to look like you are hiding something and that your point of view is invalid. That's not how society was built. It's causing this one to careen recklessly into a future without guidance.

    I state all that stuff about JT's personality because I think JT is upset by that vicious news cycle rather than attacking all female writers. Do I need to present examples of literature, music, movies, or videogames written by or directed by females as a counterpoint? That's shallow. You know they're out there. So no, I won't go along with WW84 sucks because it was written by a woman. That's too damning of a statement.

    Rather we should attack how shallow the news and segments on talk shows are since they don't ever dig into the meat of any matter before they movie onto the next bold-in-flashing lights mind-blowing story shutters any further discussions. Yes, we are shallow people, but this is what examples we have presented to us in the media daily.

  5. Anyways, I think DC is reluctant to peg themselves as the dark comicbook movie verse. Most of their productions are adorned with that dark brooding Batman Bruce Wayne pastiche. It's truly a verse that Synder built. I think abandoning it would be a mistake. They should just get better scripts.

    We got Rocksteady working on a Suicide Squad game, so DC has to be betting on that turning around interest in the movie franchise, since we can probably bet on Not-Bebop turning out a quality production. But DC shouldn't bank on that alone. I've seen some Suicide Squad animated movies, and they were pretty entertaining, so I know movies can be entertaining. Let Marvel have all the fun. I think DC really needs to dig their heels into Snyder's R-verse. They need to put effort into their scripts. In my eye, they only have one winner, though even that one could have used some more work on the ending :/

    I think the problem DC gets into is that people in charge are like, 'We want to sell this movie to kids.' Ummm, weren't we all into Aliens, Predator, Terminator, Gremlins, and anything vicious, violent, and cool even though we weren't allowed to see those movies? Heck, I thought Batman Returns was rated R, but it was only contemporary public backlash about the movie only being rated PG-13 (similar to the outcry against the original Gremlins). People will see these movies. They'll probably take kids too. They'll probably buy the merchandise. Throw em a bone every now and then and make a Superman or Green Lantern corps movie that's rated PG-13. This DCU is begging to be different than Marvel. It's just the dummies that think they need to keep stride with Marvel to quote win.

    If they can make Suicide Squad a winner, they could probably make a Justice League Dark a winner too. Start with the misfits. Get a Teen Titans movie in there. Harley Quinn? No, it's Teen Titans that's sellable to the generation growing up now and the cubees--ie kids that grew up with the GameCube. Get word of mouth to build up their rep. It's a shame that we have to start with the big guns all the time (Batman, Superman; at least they got a Wonder Woman out there now).

  6. I laughed when you said bithead would probably end up clocking his DRwife in the head with the radio. You can definitely tell that she is the dominatrix. Remember the story he told about his dog cowering in fear? Wouldn't you if this woman's first disciplinary measure was to grab you by the balls? I only hope that she keeps his kid in line. I imagine those genes creating a whirlwind.

    I never heard of Mr Shoe. It's funny. I always hear people on Youtube talk about other people on Youtube like you should know who they are. I did a search and found a shoe 22 channel. Maybe this is his 22nd attempt at a channel, but I've never seen his face. The 22 channel only goes back four years.