Friday, January 22, 2021

DASS 102: Random Cursed Images From My DbD F*p Folder Accompanied By Audio


  1. I'm not crazy then. There's something infectious about bithead's personality. Your growing desire for a toolshed show reflects that.

    I'm still watching bithead. He does make me laugh, but yeah, I cringe at those stories about being an ahole to people with low self-esteem. He comes off like a total Chet or Chad--like a frat boy who's constantly feels the need to impress his friends. Maybe it's growing up in the tough New York / Long Island scene.

    It's like bithead was never the odd one out or the loser of the group. He does share stories about him feeling that way so maybe that's how bullies really are. They create an identity to overcome not feeling like they belong. Some of the stories he shared in the old days lead me believe he was like this off-camera or in the past before the show. Maybe now he's becoming more emboldened to share these stories. Do you think bithead was a kid who was picked on bitd or do you think he was the aggressor always?

    That boombox bit of bithead is lifted directly from Empire Strikes Back (Yoda banging on R2, chewing on the flashlight, and other non-sense all while yelling things like, "Mine!") when Luke first meets him. Now he's whirling the Bose radio out of the shed. He picks a random radio station and listens for a bit before he chucks it. The radio will survive longer than the CD mechanism, but eventually it will fall apart or land on his dog as he chucks it from the shed.

  2. Did you discuss your reaction to the hippy cashier at the hardware with your wife? You tried to hide your wife's disgust by going further into the conversation. I think you can eat any seed. I would think there are valuable nutrients in there since it contains the nutrition to grow baby plants. I'm not sure about other seeds, but I do know apple seeds contain cyanide. You have to eat a lot of them for that have any effect. Also, you would have to break open the seeds prior to swallowing or chew them really good into a paste to access the cyanide as they will most likely pass through your digestive tract like corn husks.

    Here's an interesting story I heard once. There was a guy who is famous for eating anything. I think he's one of those guys who chases fame and is glad to see his name in a Guinness World Records book. He ate shoes, rocks, glass, TVs, etc.. I think all the things this guy ate are odd, but he probably gets most recognition in these record books for eating a plane. It's not a Boeng 747, but one of those tiny celebrity puddle jump planes. He ate it piece by piece over many years.

  3. I saw that moustachioed JT from the YT interview. He reminds me of Puddy from Seinfeld (Elaine's on-again, off-again boyfriend). Replace JT's voice with Patrick Warburton.

  4. I saw this vid the other day of a walkthrough of a Toys R Us store in 1993.
    Wow! This is prime me. I was alive and the brain was recording tape. I remember so much of this stuff, that I can imagine flipping through those Gen 2 Transformers or even seeing that so-called realistic hobby model of a velociraptor from Jurassic Park in many stores.

    Of course, YT now pegged me as a Toys R Us enthusiast and is throwing all these TRU docs and walkthroughs at me from various years. I even saw one from around the same time, but going through FAO Schwartz. I wish the cameras used for news were better back then. I'd like to think some of the rare games I found then were available at FAO.

    I even watched a vid where a guy went through shots of Star Wars toys setups in the late 70s and early 80s.

    1. I'm def going to binge watch all of those old Toys "R" Us videos, super excited.