Monday, July 5, 2021

DASS 116: Steamed


  1. Dang it, I was hoping I'd have a few more days to leave a voice message. I'll get it done this week. Two weeks of teasing is too much to ask.

    Rock Of Ages 2 and 3 are...bear with me...'Rock Solid' games. It's like playing a retarded version of Marble Madness. I like them.

    I did dislike how you pretty much made everything private again, but I reckon it is just that time on the month for ya. I wanna get a play date going and I need your assistance in accomplishing said task. Seriously though, the NextRound crew miss you and wants to be merry in your presence. Playing 'Pen Pals' can only satisfy friends for so long.


    There you go.

    And here is a genesis cover of one of the Mystic Quest boss fights. A friend of mine did it when I suggested he make a dank version of that song since the game is more famous for the good songs than gameplay.