Tuesday, July 27, 2021

DASS 118: High Altitude

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  1. https://voca.ro/1lXqfRJU8WEg

    Audio Comment Notes

    -In-N-Out vs 5 Guys Wars. I think I just have a personal preference to In-N-Out because I grew up on it so it would probably be different than somebody trying it out for the first time

    - We should settle this feud one of these days if you end up coming to Southern California for a trip to try In-N-Out here together. We can also play Streets of Rage 2, watch The Larry Sanders Show, record a segment for DASS, and make an audio comment for MCC together

    -Highlights from me playing the Mondo Cool Drinking game to celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of the Mondo Drunk Cast. My drink of choice was Costco Blended Scotch Whiskey 40% alcohol. Food of choice was 2 In-N-Out Double Double Hamburgers and Fries lathered in ketchup. Game of choice to play was Pokemon Colosseum on my newly modded Gamecube with a GCLoader installed. Pokemon Colosseum was chosen because it’s a turn based RPG so it didn’t require too much focus.


    -Eternal Champions is a pretty sweet fighting game. My go to character was Larcen, the detective looking guy with the grappling hook. Heard the sequel, Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side, was better since it took full adventure of the Sega CD with CD Quality Audio and more brutal fatalities.

    - Also loved LukemorseOne videos, especially ones that were not gaming related. Some of my favorite videos of his were the G-Dog and McDog food videos.



    Ever see his video labeled “Final Video” released back in August 2009? If you don’t remember, it was where he explained in detail how his wife took his kid and left him because he racked up a lot of credit card debt from his Hard-Off and Arcade Cab splurges. According to Marugaru555, fellow MCC listener who also lived in Japan for 5 years, Japan is notorious for giving all child custody rights to Japanese parent if kid was born in Japan. Also a lot of cultural differences you have to get used to if you live in Japan which is why a lot of foreign workers tend to only last 2-5 years over there before deciding to go back home.

    - Space Jam 2 was pretty good. Opinions on the first Space Jam? Space Jam 2 was basically a carbon copy of the first film which is not a bad thing to me personally. Loved how 2D animation came back for a theatrical film even though the 2nd half ended up going the CG route. Main complaint about it though is the soundtrack is filled with zommer centric music layered with auto tune. One song where it introduces one of the players with a sweet chorus would have been great if the main singer of the song wasn't auto tuned.