Friday, September 18, 2020

DASS 90: Demon's Souls For 70 Bucks, I'm Coming Back Home To Sony Brothers!


  1. Your complaints about Mr Millennium makes me hope that you tell me if I become an a-hole on YT. Let me know.

    Two websites for streaming and Remember, phones suck. Always use a virus scanner. Do not trust phones.

    I don't recommend using a pirated copy of Windows. Just download the Windows 10 install from Microsoft's website (it's free to download) and buy a license on ebay for less the $10.

    1. I uploaded a couple of videos to YouTube this week they might be privated in a couple of days just testing out YT again, just in case you wanted to look at my hands holding videos games, or get a glimpse in to the Death Mobile or the Fortress of Death where I normally record DASS.

    2. I normally watch YT stuff on the weekends, so it'll have to wait until then.

    3. I queued some stuff up that I missed. I can take a peek every now and then. I'll hopefully get to respond to your vids prior to the weekend.