Thursday, September 24, 2020

DASS 91: The Rise And Fall Of DeathAdder83


  1. Sorry Mecha, I botched getting your comments in, I'll read them in the next DASS.

    1. Thank you. I will post my comments for the last DASS here for your convenience and post the comments for this DASS in a following post.

      Your complaints about Mr Millennium makes me hope that you tell me if I become an a-hole on YT. Let me know.

      Two websites for streaming and Remember, phones suck. Always use a virus scanner. Do not trust phones.

      I don't recommend using a pirated copy of Windows. Just download the Windows 10 install from Microsoft's website (it's free to download) and buy a license on ebay for less the $10.

  2. CURRENT SHOW DASS 91: You're not having a stroke. This is not the end.

    Nintendo admitted that the GC was the last system they tried before they targeted a different demographic. I wonder if the Switch's success will have them reconsider their next generation. It's doubtful. Nintendo likes to keep hardware cheap. Is that so negative? As long as they have the right software, right?

    I bought an indigo GC at launch. I thought it was dumb as well at first, but I eventually liked how it was unique among its black and gray peers. That didn't keep me from selling it when the platinum cube came out.

    I had some good conversations in highschool, defending the cube. These were my console wars. I never had any of that during the 16- or 8-bit days. I do remember having a little discussion during the Saturn-PS1 era. Either way, I wasn't trashing other systems. If someone trashes my enjoyment of a console, I took that as a reflection of me--stupid childish thoughts. My whole argument was that it has all that power in such a tiny package. It isn't as powerful as the XBox, but better than the PS2. I did not own an XBox like some of my friends at the time. The XBox was enemy. The funny thing is, those friends dawged on the purplesaurus rex box, yet enjoyed playing games on it. At least one other guy owned it too.

    If you do get a GC controller, you will want the official Nintendo branded pad. Others fall apart. Their sticks usually stop working. The stupid thing about prices now is that you paid $20 for a cube, controllers, and games (including Mario Sunshine) ten years ago. Now official cube controllers are $40!! I should have invested in cube controllers. Damn. The Wii is the next system. The Wiibies will mature one day and go, "I want to be the greatest Wii collector of the all! I gotta get all the shovelware!"

    Don't feel bad about collection games. Some of these are great package deals. There's great presentation, additional options, cheats, unlockables like history / making of or other extras. It's like a beautiful collage, celebrating love for a series / developer / publisher. I understand the notion though. Unless you want to dive into a particular collection, just go straight to the game in its original form, right?

    You can determine whether a game might run better on higher spec machine by watching someone playing the game on Youtube. Search Youtube for [name of game] [emualtor]. The videos are usually titled Mario Sunshine 1080P Dolphin or whatever emulator. Check the video description. PC guys love to post their specs in the description. You can then compare your machine to that. This isn't the end-all-be-all answer. Sometimes, you tweak the right setting, you get the right plugin, and the game runs better or has sound!

    Without doxxing yourself, tell me about the best things in your area. A Disney themed liquor store can't be the greatest (nor good for the belly). Also, Disney is expensive, not cheap. I think I told you about this before. People live off of selling Disney park merchandise. They go into the park, purchase exclusive items, then resell them online. I remember when that Star Wars park opened, there were lightsabers selling for good change online. A lot of people have that idea so you have to be wary about what you buy and how much even for these exclusive events cause that shits expensive and you don't want it lying around unsold. I do wonder how much the gov'ment gets on people's tails for inventory numbers. Taxes are easy if you just get a dubbya 2 in the mail, but for those who are independent, it's very anxiety-inducing.

  3. Oh man, DASS is really ending soon? Let me know when the last episode is so I can record an audio comment. Or if you are up for it, we can record a segment together through Skype or Discord.