Monday, September 7, 2020

DASS 88: Hazy

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  1. I love the visual trick in the thumbnail. Groovy! When you say or hear that in your head, do you think Earthworm Jim or Ash?

    Zelda definitely takes less than 40 hours. Finding gold skulltulas to unlock special gear takes extra time especially if you're doing it without a guide.

    Ms Anthony reminds me of Evangeline Lilly who played an elf in the Hobbit movies.

    Regarding the level design for the speeder biker in Shadows and the "cars" in Star Wars Pod Racer: the same mentality was used. In Star Wars Pod Racer, you go very fast through areas with lot of obstacles and branching paths. The AI is constantly pushing you to use your boost which overheats and can explode if you don't give it a rest. I still like it, though my parts are constantly breaking down which drains any winnings that you might use to upgrade.

    Link to SD card game loader for DC:
    Basically search for Dreamcast SD Adapter. They all look like that.

    I watched Bill & Ted 1 and 2 in prep for Bill & Ted 3. I think I remember seeing both in the theatres and watched both less than a handful of times through my life or bits and pieces here and there. I wonder whether our lingo was informed by those two or maybe it was just an exaggeration of how kids talked then. I still say a lot of those things (excellent, awesome, totally, no way, not bad, and all that 80s stuff). I don't remember the future stuff in Bogus Journey (number 2) this time around. I like the nod to Back to the Future in BJ. Many people in the future are wearing life vests. The designers made some monster pumps for everyone. They predicted the Ugg Boots movement (bowel movement, that is). Also, 80s neon culture is still banging on 700 years from now.

    Next up is Robocop 1, 2, and 3. I never saw RoboCop 3, but I remember the trailer had him flying around using a jetpack and him using large steel spike extending from his arm as a sword. It definitely seemed more budget, like a SciFi channel movie. Ever watch the RoboCop TV show? I was a regular watcher of that back then but remember nothing.

    I'm obscuring my answer to the question in the first paragraph here so it won't influence your answer when you read it the first time through. I always hear Jim say "Groovy!."
    The Terminator movies have become stale to audiences. I guess I watch anything sci-fi action and will be entertained. Robocop reboot apparently failed. It didn't give me the same feel as the original (should it?), but I thought it was ok. They could revive both the franchises with a RoboCop vs Terminator the movie trilogy that starts out in the gritty movie 80s.