Monday, August 31, 2020

DASS 87: Bend The Knee


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  2. The N64 Spider-Man devs tried somewhat to give the pastiche of comics, but they should have at least rotoscoped the screen captures from the FMVs of the PS1 / DC / PC versions. The page turn effect, yellow text box "subtitles," framed in a comic cel surrounded by scraps from various Spider-Man comics are nice half-measures, but it's nowhere near what they did with cutscenes in Ultimate Spider-Man. By far Ultimate Spider-Man is the best Spider-Man game which pays reverence to the medium that I have played.

    Really?! Gilli. I just couldn't be with someone so brain dead. I know it's because she's inbred and all so she has my sympathy, not my boner.

    I remember Yessi said he worked as a janitor / handy-man at a school or something in the earlier videos. Maybe he was always at Costco.

    HAhah Having trouble on the speeder bike in Shadows. I met a former Lucas dev that worked on Shadows who said they took that engine and used it to build Star Wars Pod Racer. I can't go along with ballz' recommendation for Sin and Punishment. You will be disappointed with the N64 controller.

    1:32:12 I don't think we'll ever be done with covid. It'll be something like a booster shot for the annual strain like the flu shot, but if you don't get this shot, the consequences are a lot worse. This thing weaks long-lasting havoc on your insides, maybe permanent. It feels weird to say, but old shelf might still wear a mask and the youngins think I'm crazy. "Did you live through COVID?!," old shelf will say. Look up Hart Island NY. Don't be a Holocaust or 9/11 denier. There's good reason to be wary. Masks might even do shit according to studies scientists have released, but it's best to remain conservative. Even once the US population is inoculated, what about other twits around the world? Hopefully, if there are breakouts of new mutations, they can be traced and detained. Look up Hart Island NY covid video

    I'd say hold off on getting a either GDEMU or MODE for the Dreamcast. There's a $12 device which fits into the back serial port of the Dreamcast which plays games off an SD card. It's always been on the backburner for me to look into more. I'd like to see and hear how it compares with the GDEMU. Have you tried it Ballz? I may have to register on the forum to hear a timely answer.

    Also, Ballz, the Saturn is not the most rare system to find in my area in my experience. It's not the Sega Master System either. I think it's the Nomad. I maybe found three. The 32X may be tied with. Surprisingly, I have come across more than a handful of Sega CDs. Be aware, Dreamcast has always been a slow boiling Saturn-in-wait retro-gaming market-wise. There were always expensive games. Now they are exploding to $100-$200 levels. I suspect those top-tier games will be in the $400-700 range soon. Pretty much Capcom's shooter library, their Rival Schools sequel, Illbleed, and possibly other rarities like Sonic LE will be Snatcher prices.