Saturday, August 8, 2020

DASS 84: Moo Moo Meadows


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  2. As the N64 mediator appointed by special committee, I can say the N64 was not hated. It was a disappointment. Even as a Sega Genesis owner, I had known the Nintendo consoles and handhelds to pump out lots of hits with great frequency. There were so many good games, you could stumble across treasures at rental stores, sleep overs, trips to FuncoLand, and visits with friends and family. The N64 yearly turn-out was meager. Everyone knew about or had the same titles. There was a reduced chance of finding great titles beyond those. We knew Nintendo could do better. I think the internet's cynical attitude tries to justify their disappointment by finding reasons not to pick up the system nowadays. 'As long as I hate it, I can't admit I'd like to play those several games again.'

    Override Mech City Brawl looked pretty fun when I last saw it. It reminds me of those GameCube/XBox Godzilla brawler games. There's a giant robot lizard armadillo thing that rolls around like Anguiris (An-gear-us) of the Godzilla movies. I'd really like to play it some day. I'd pick it up at a garage sale or if I saw it for cheap online.

    I believe your video where you hate-listen and record commentary while you flail around in your future shack is perfectly copyright-proof since it is a journalistic examination of the material.

    You don't have to give up your dream on Germany. There is a secret German beer garden in the woods just North of San Francisco (where they filmed Star Wars and the new Planet of the Apes). It is accessible via a hike through the giant redwood forest. There is a massive annual celebration during Oktoberfest. Look into it. I may be talking out my ass. The newer generations could have ruined it for someone like you.

    Producer of Back to the Future Bob Gale stated that he will never let a remake of the movies happen. He owns the rights and makes enough money from them. Unlike George Lucas, I think he believes adding/changing/remixing/updating will only tamper with the original and what made it great for generations. I'm not sure if he has a clause in his will that covers all angles Hollywood types would dig in the future after his death, but he is still alive and has full control over the rights.

    Sexay (I never saw the show. Do Japanese realize they're training kids to think about sexual maturity at a young age by sexualizing young-looking characters? This one doesn't look like she's nine, but I wouldn't be surprised if there are a bunch of pedophiles keeping their otaku love for twelve-year-old marriage on the down low. Their media flaunts it. Anyways, I'm sure, by now, you noticed the precariously placed What's up with the armored leg? Maybe it's a fetish.)


    BTW: I listened to Retro Rejects as well and enjoyed it. I think the Vintage is just doing real life and doesn't want to even think about social media.

  3. I've always been partial to Sherbert Land.

  4. I saw this and wanted to hear your thoughts:
    I had similar thoughts of games turning into stocks that appreciate and depreicate(ie collectibles, recognizable by the IRS as something you have to report). If you own a sealed Mario 1 NES that appreciates $10K in value in a year, these are assets that you you have to report as earnings. I only learned about it this year. Doesn't that make you peeved?

    This financial institution pops up--Rally--which essentially crowd-sources income to buy collectibles. The participants are given a share of ownership of the item. Unless something is truly rare, I imagine only sealed, professionally graded copies will see a dramatic increase in value in the coming decades.

  5. Watch the movie Spree. Let me know if I should watch it or just do one of those reviews where you basically summarize every scene. It seems like a movie that might be up your alley.