Saturday, August 15, 2020

DASS 85: Flailing Around In My Future Shack


  1. I like to break up comments because of comment word limits plus I usually come back after thinking about what you have said or are interested in your take on a subject.

    In the past, I perused the MCC forums and the posts are so sparse. I don't think people visit it regularly. The new threads are spaced months apart and usually started by Ballz.

    Wow! I'm pretty indifferent to Brie Larson. You really hate the gal. Can you remind the listeners why she perturbs you so much? I remember you complaining about her butt.

    You were driving when you noticed a lady cyclist as part of a group. You wondered whether she was a looker. A good way to tell if a woman is in shape is by looking at her legs. Sure, a biker like me will have more muscle in the thighs, but the contours of the body should tell you if there's a bunch of lumpy fat elsewhere or if she's doing good. I know you're married, but I would avoid women in all bike groups. I dislike most bikers in those spandex clothes. A lot of those people blow through stop signs and RED LIGHTS!!! Those jerks create an environment that confuses and endangers everyone on the road. A lot of drivers assume I don't respect the rules of the road like waiting for the person on your right at the stop sign to go first when both people arrive at the same time. Those conceited a holes are not above the law. I wish more cops would ticket them.

    You keep saying that I hate Bithead. I still find him entertaining. I just don't like how he plays things up for the camera at times. I've done it too, but I'm not sure if Bithead realizes how much he slips into character. You even said that you are bothered by the stage act at times where he yells random words. I think that started when he was fumbling from words, but realized people liked it so he does it more than he would naturally. I think the blog stories are still true though played up a bit.

    Here's a cool Soundwave figure:

    I read my comment again on the last DASS. I was pointing out the perfectly sculpted figure. I did say that she didn't look like she was nine years old, but the same site sells other Japanese figures and goods which sex-up imaginary girls that look way younger. There are probably like 0.00005% of 18-year-olds that look 9 IRL. I understand it's fantasy, but who would vote yes to allow their kids to dress and pose like whores? Who would want to have sexy feelings for someone who looks like a kid? Only pedos. Somehow this representation has become a staple in Japan. It's the idea that kids grow up seeing this as a representation of being a sexual being desired by adults. Adults in Japan buy it. Adults in Japan want it. Some kids learn to seek that attention before they fully realize its consequences. Japan is such a weird, wrong, wacky, and interesting place.

    I pissed off the MAMEcade one time when I posted a video about my old toys in my parents house. I think he thought I was bragging. I received an email with the comment. When I clicked to reply, he had already deleted it. Shortly after he stopped posting videos.

    BTW, I left some other comments super late on the last DASS after you mastered this episode.

  2. I know you're all psyched up for the N64 and an Everdrive. You're probably going to throw the whole ROM set on there, but if you're like me and usually download ROMs individually, what games go on there? Are there any Japanese exclusives unreleased games that you were looking forward to but never came out over here. I'd chuck on Bangai-O to compare with the Dreamcast version. I'm sure someone made a translation patch. It probably wouldn't make the story any more intelligible though.

    Everdrives are great for homebrew, patches, and imports. I do not own any but I'd choose a Super Nintendo one if I had to make a choice. There are so many weird and wonderful imports.

  3. Hey DeathAdder. Just checking in to let you know I'm still alive. The fungal infection was a lot worse than the doctors initially thought, so it has taken a lot longer to recover. It's been very touch-n-go with health crises these last 4 months. Hopefully I'll get better sooner than later, but from what I've been told, it can take between 6-12 months with how bad I have it. I have seen improvements on my skin, which is a big sign that the meds are working, but I don't know how this will progress.

    Apparently I had this for decades, but my sodas and pastas fed the beast enough to keep them satisfied. When I cut them cold turkey in late March, the die-off was so massive, I starved for 2 weeks straight because I just couldn't eat. Real scary times.

    Anyways, good to hear from you and I'll keep listening for as long as I can.