Tuesday, August 25, 2020

DASS 86: Jungle Green


  1. Everyone likes Tyrion when watching Game of Thrones. By the end of the series, I think you'll develop sympathy for some of the other characters even those you think are total a-holes in the beginning.

    Going back to Japanese obsession with representing underagers in a sexual manner, I've heard the Japanese-pedo-fantasy described as a love of something pure and innocent. I believe they are conflating the idea with being virtuous, but hey, it might be a culture-clash thing. You should see what they sell in the girls clothes aisles in America. Well, maybe it's changed, but I remember being weirded out by this as a kid when shopping for clothes with my sister and mom. Very ass-spilling short shorts to pre-teens. There's definitely a problem with Americans too, but not to the extent of Japanese based on American ideals. Society has changed. Unlike 100-200years ago, we do not need to live wam, bam, thank you maim lives before being selected for carousel at 30.

    Bithead definitely gives away a lot on his show. His house address is visible in multiple videos. I think that is why he started showing off his gun collection. It was a figurative way of pissing on his territory. I don't believe his wife is Sylvia. I think Sylvia is a cousin or an aunt of his wife. 'Yessie....Yessie, look how stupid you look, Yessie, hahhha hahha ha' He and his wife work at a Costco or Sam's. She knows about his YT channel. She probably talked about it with co-workers and that's how people at his work knows. He mentioned and even showed that he moved all the wallet busters from the giant veiny cock into that new cabinet and desk area he built in his house.

    Check out https://www.romhacking.net/ for translation patches and hacks. Type in the game name in the search and see what pops up.

    The N64 RAM expansion pak (Yes, spelled p-a-k. What's up with Nintendo always dropping the C from pack?)--anyways; it enhances games that support it much in the way your home computer gets a boost in performance from adding RAM. Some games simply support enhanced features like running smoothly or higher resolution textures; however, some games require it like Donkey Kong, Zelda Majora's Mask, and to some extent Perfect Dark and Turok Rage Wars. Those last two can boot with the normal pak, but they are very limited in features. A lot of the Turoks support the expansion. Rogue Squadron is really improbed by using it.
    The wiki article here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nintendo_64_accessories#Expansion_Pak_(NUS-007)

    It lists a lot of games which have enhanced features. I assume the games without notes beside them mean they get boosts like upgraded resolution, frame rates, or better textures. The list excludes Japanese exclusives so you would have to seek another list for those games.

    It sucks that the N64 everdrive doesn't keep save states. It's pretty expensive. Couldn't they just have thrown in some flash RAM or battery-backed RAM with a nice clip for easy battery exchange? I'm not sure how Everdrives work, but emulators that run on computer support save states. Also, during the 16-bit era, they the Game Saver Plus for SNES and maybe the Genesis as well. It allowed you save the state of your game via a bunch of batteries.

    I remember seeing the Sega Channel logo in manuals and magazine ads, but never bothered looking into it. Heck, it may have been featured in articles of magazines I perused, but most of my time with game magazines was limited to food shopping trips. I had maybe four or five new mags in front of me and by golly, I was going to flip through all of them and note if anything caught my eye. Years later in forums, I read that Sega Channel had titles that never hit US shores like Mega Man and Pulse Man. Do you recall seeing games that never appeared on store shelves? I imagine someone at Sega convinced higher ups that the Sega Channel could be used to demo and build hype for upcoming games.

  2. What's up with Swingle only chiming in when he has skin issues? I'm starting to think he's trying to be funny. Hmmm...

    1. Swingle's last comment where he actually comments on the content of an episode was "DASS 49: Hatch Me If You Can," I remember it because I liked his question a lot and the artwork for the episode stands out. Swingle has a unique sense of humor, but has always been pretty cool towards me and we'd be in the wrong to question his illness. Either way with the Super Show possibly wrapping up or at least slowing down greatly soon, I don't want any of dat dramas, so I won't be reading this or any possible Swingle reply's to these comments on the episode. Any lighthearted comments about the Nintendo 64 or hentai or fun shit will be read.

    2. I do remember another comment now in between this and the one about rubbing cinnamon oil on his appendage.

    3. @Mecha: Be retarded somewhere else. The essential oil thing was done twice with no illnesses. I used the proper carrier oil ratio with no problems after the 20 minutes it takes to go through my body.

      I have a bad case of SIBO and Candidasis. I think the candida is mostly resolved due to not having oral thrush anymore. I'm going back to the doctors on Monday for a check-up. The SIBO has made it very difficult to focus, let alone do projects as simple as talk into the microphone to leave audio comments. I planned on doing a mega response for all the episodes I haven't commented on, but I realize I should just do one at a time while I recover.

    4. Well I almost made it 5 years with out 2 of my 4 listeners getting in to a fight lol, so that is neat I guess. I love a good internet fight, but a fight within the inner circle makes my dick softer than getting my anal cavity split apart by Brie Larson's oversized beefy and veiny clitoris thrusting in and out of it. I'd love any typed or audio comment, neither of which is required, just please keep it to silliness or it won't be read. Hope you feel better soon Swingle.

  3. https://voca.ro/f1nVB4pLgki

    Audio Comment Bullet Points

    -Trip to the woods sounds pretty relaxing. I could use a vacation after this whole COVID fiasco. Japan Trip 2 for 2022 possibly?
    -Recommendations for the N64. Mischief Makers, the one N64 game JerryTerrifying had positive thoughts on, Animal Forest with the English Patch, Conker's Bad Fur Day, and Paper Mario.
    -Donkey Kong 64, Zelda Majora’s Mask, and Perfect Dark if you have the Expansion Pak.
    -3rd Party N64 controllers over 1st party ones. Heard Hori made good N64 controllers.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cg812K1pTYg @ 4:16
    -Understand your N64 sentiment. Never understood the backlash from the internet about it.
    -GDEMU work great, easy to install, and a great value. No soldering and CD Drive is like popping in an N64 cart. Make sure you format the SD Card to Fat 32 and number the folders correctly
    -Finding Dreamcast games is not too hard with the Google machine. Recommend using Adblock and if your that precautious, hiding behind a VPN like NordVPN.
    -Recently got a Saturn. Only time I'll ever talk about wrestling with WWF The Arcade Game on the Saturn. Literally Mortal Kombat with 90s Wrestlers like Yokozuna, Undertaker, and Doink The Clown