Wednesday, December 2, 2020

DASS 97: Boomertium Rage

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  1. I went looking for your mystery youtuber and found this. Good stuff:
    and this:
    "The building is on fire!"
    and cheerful Flossie Dickey

    I checked out some combo shots of Daisy and her sisters. You can definitely see the star in those shots. Her sisters do resemble her, but their heads are a little wider and shorter. It's genetics, man. I'm sure my brother would look like me if he was never treated for his illness.

    Maybe its her name tied with movies about being in space, but it got me thinking, who would play Samus in a movie adaptation of Metroid? We all know we could go back 40 years and pick Sigourney, but we have to pick the modern day equivlent. Would a daisy-blonded Ridley be suited for "zero suit"?

    Hey, man, Chester Cheetah Wild Wild Quest is a kinda OK game. Too Cool to Fool could probably sink. I do love though. It has some real 90s 'tude in there. If you want to play another OK game, I recommend Greendog.

    Ugh, I looked into Wolverine Damn Rage after having not played it in years and while the Sega Genesis soundtrack has that edge and certain tracks remind me of the techno Yuzo Kuoshiro (composer of Streets of Rage series) tried pulling off in Streets of Rage 3 on the Sega Genesis, the SNES soundtrack is completely different and doesn't even do the normal pastel paring down of the Sega Genesis tracks. The intro is laughable. I don't even know what to say about the rest. Maybe it's what would eventually become timbaland R&B, but in that pastey SNES style. Sega has the edge here. Fact. Go to and type Wolverine the search to listen to both. Under the Hellfire Club is ok, but it still has those unorigional "brass" stings. The rest of the songs are trash.

    Since you're not giving gifts, why not prepare a surprise dinner or desert dish (bake a cake) for your wife?

    Hey, if you can find that Indian dude again--the who covered Metallica's Pokemon cover, could you see if he covered "Safety Dance" by Men without Hats? I think his mumbles would fit that perfectly?