Friday, December 4, 2020

DASS 98: Today On X-Play


  1. Tech TV's version of G4 was garbage. I feel bad for those who haven't seen year one of G4TV.

  2. This episode was sponsored by Coco Bandicoot. It takes a brave lady to survive Dr. Cortex's nuclear powered massager.

  3. Ever watch Electric Playground? It was the first videogame review show I remember seeing.

    I liked Martin Sargeant since it was like throwing a monkey wrench into the works. He first appeared on The Screensavers and it was obvious he didn't know anything or at least how to express his knowledge on camera. Maybe this is why they hired him. Martin might have been TechTv's Tom Green. Tom Green's kauffman-esque humor was gaining traction in the young people at the time.

    Maybe it's because I don't watch TV traditionally any more. I just download what I want and watch it any time I want. I don't see traditional TV making any money, especially with the younglings. That's not where there eyes are. Youtube is free on-demand TV. There are channels that cover various topics. Put an adblocker on and you don't even have to watch commercials.

    To some extent, this is how I have fallen out of sync with the world. I don't know what people are trying to sell me. I specifically have to go to a movie trailer site to browse movie trailers and I don't even do that for months. BTW, I'd like to discuss a movie called The Babysitter with you. Do not watch trailers or read a synopsis. Go into it blind like I did. I think it's on Netflix.

    You mentioned your disgust of ads on Hulu and Japanese screechy Gokus. I recommend the following kisscartoonDOTinfo, JustDubsDOTtv, aniwatcherDOTcom, animerushDOTtv, or animeramDOTcc. I have others, but usually one of those has the "I speak English" option.

    I'd like the warm fuzzies about Christmas again. I've had this thought before and have actually talked about it on my finds videos (you won't see it for a long while). I think losing it has something to do with being responsible for your well-being (paying rent / taxes, making sure you have food at home, cleaning everything, laundry--everything. I was thinking about the only thing that would relieve yourself of responsibilities and decided that it is death; however, you can't really enjoy death since in death, you ostensibly feel nothing. That got me thinking. Maybe an isolation chamber would do the same thing. It may be something you could try. I think meditation probably does the same thing, but the chamber does some of the work for you.

    Your talk of the game comparison channel gave me the thought of why not add the Sega Genesis Battletoads games to your mini (there are two). I've never played the port of the original game to the Sega Genesis but Battletoads & Double Dragon is the Ultimate Teamup and why do I even need to recommend this game? It has your Battletoads and your Double Dragons!!!!

    I wonder if the X-Play people had to clear the music in the GTA Vice City segment? If you uploaded a video like that on YT, it's capture the flag, and your channel is the winner.

    They do have a legit rent-a-kid program. It's called the Big Brother or Big Sister. Dogs suck, so I can not recommend renting a dog.

    BTW, do you have any negatives about living in Alabama? Did you have to worry about lost of property or lost of life? Was it riddled with crime? Was it a 50 mile job between towns?

    1. Hey Mecha, I've already got about 2 hours worth of the comment section recorded (no trollin it's like 2 hours lol) so in case this doesn't make it in to DASS 100 here are my responses.

      I did watch The Babysitter (DASS 68: Scorpion Deathlock @1:25:49)I forget my word for word thoughts on it from a year ago, but it was alright if I recall. There is a Babysitter 2 out now but it doesn't have the main girl in it I don't what's the point.

      I actually did add in all the Battletoads and Double Dragon games in to my Genesis Mini, it's jacked up with about 200 games on it now I believe. I was never a big Battletoads guy though......even on the Rare Replay Collection with save states and and the reverse time's impossible.

      I have no real big negatives on The Alabama Era, there and SC are the only 2 states I've ever lived in and are pretty much I can't compare it to the West Coast or North or anything. The last handful of years I was in the state I lived in Birmingham, and that place was a shit hole imo and I wouldn't recommend there, lots of traffic and crime but that's any big city, then again it's probably where you'd find the most work. If you are thinking about the South East in general, I'd also highly recommend you avoid Atlanta Georgia.

      But the south overall is nice, only like 0.0001% of the people you run in to have a accent and it's usually charming if they do, plus I mean BISCUITS and GRAVY bro.