Friday, December 25, 2020

DASS 100: 200+ Hours Of Death Adder Talking About Hulk Hogan & Dead By Daylight


  1. Woke up a few minutes ago just now on Christmas morning and what do I find but the 100th episode of DASS under the internet Christmas Tree. Calling it right now but best surprise gift of this year's Chritmas! Giving this a listen to right now since I have basically nothing else to do for the next 11 hours.

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    1. (Not important for air) The reason the APU was a big deal for consoles was the fact that it performed 200-300% faster than Intel's built in GPU in 2011. Besides, Intel never had a significant role in gaming consoles. Power PC (aka IBM) were responsible for the bulk of consoles from the late 90s to late 2000s.

      Intel was only useful for their hyperthreading patent and bribing companies to make software work inefficiently on other CPUs. AMD won several lawsuits over Intel paying companies like Adobe to stink on AMD chips and guess what happened after that? AMD became mostly on par with Intel. Again, Intel is only better when hyperthreading is utilized in a program. I remember TigerDirect having a video showing the first 8 core AMD processor running like 500 MineCraft servers at once for around $400 while the $1200 Intel chip ran 280. Crazy times.

  3. Your take on transitioning between console generations is not something I've heard mentioned. The free with gold / plus digital libraries have been accumulating. You lose those games if you're not a member for a certain time right? You also miss out on the games that are added during your interim. That's a strong point for staying loyal to hardware brands.

    I wonder if the social aspect has any pull either. When the 360 / PS3 gen kicked off, people built up status on a service and didn't want to abandon that when jumping consoles. It was one of the reasons stated why people would remain on Xbox when the XBONE was released. Ultimately, I recall that people eventually jumped ship because of the initial poor impression MS made at the leading up and at the E3 just prior to that gen's launch.

    Sophia Lillis is like younger stand-in for Elliot Page when he was Ellen. She has the boyish look, and the roles she gets remind me Elliot's work--awkward, humble, straightshooter, confident. A Hollywood producer might say, "We need someone like Ellen Page but younger for this coming of age movie."

    I loved the Norm Macdonald bits. I'm glad comedians don't copy his style.

    I'm thinking of dropping bithead. I feel like the guy has a positive voice, but only brings out the cynical, bombastic one because it gets the laughs. Over time though, that constant negativity and if true, abandonment of responsibility for his part in a situation, is a drag. Maybe this is his true voice and he needed time to work up to it, but there was something so pure in his early vids.

    A lot of the johnny come latelys writing in mention going back to his earlier vids and enjoying them, but nobody would watch bithead if he was posting those vids now. They only caught his custom Nintendo or smashing gillete razors vids which are blitzed across the net by superfans. I'm not upset about those fans finding bithead through those vids. Rather I'm more upset that it seems bithead is changing in reaction to the commentary and thought process around those vids.